What is so special about Havanese?


Whoever had the chance to meet the members of this breed had been probably stunned by the appearance and nature of these little “clowns”.

But what is it that makes the Havanese special:

–           Their big hazel eyes;

–           Adorable smile;

–           Unusual long and lavish coat?

The answer is all of the above and more!

But their most prominent feature is not just their appearance but their character. They are mischievous and playful yet charming and good-natured; gentle yet strong; sophisticated yet adorable. Their loyalty is unquestionable. It is these traits that make everybody fall in love with these breed.

Havanese are adventurous, curious and daring, very intelligent, energetic and enthusiastic, but also obedient and devoted to their family. Even thou they are small one must not underestimate them. They are strong, agile, and quick. But most importantly they are amusing and funny, and with their impish and playful behavior they can put a smile on any face.